November 20, 2016 – Midian Red DON Strong Ale with Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts.

. November 20, 2016

Give ’em Beer & Bacon! Midian Strong Ale


These little bundles look great when paired with Midian Brewing’s Premium Craft Beer!

Discover something new with this Red DON Strong Ale!

Brussels Sprouts supplied by Lee and Marias Market


Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts!

•12 strips of bacon
•12 medium/large brussels sprouts
•pepper, to taste

for recipe details click here


Midian Red DON Strong Ale

Midian Lagered Ale 8% ABV 56 IBU- .This highly drinkable yet complex brew has many subtle layers of flavour and is produced using a fine combination of German floor- malted bohemian pilsner malt, a touch of wheat malt, and very low fermentation temperatures.

The noticeable hoppy citrus notes are provided by Northern Brewer and Cascade hops. Heavily hopped with an appropriate malty balance, this brew is surprisingly light to the palate.

Foam structure and lacing (“glass cling”) are excellent, helping to enhance aroma development when poured in the appropriate glassware. A final layer of taste and aroma is added by priming the bottle with fresh krausen, a truly European technique.



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