July 7, 2013 – Erie Shore Vineyards 2011 Riesling with deep fried turkey!

. July 7, 2013

Christmas in July.


Festive parties are always planned for summer weekends and Erie Shore Vineyards 2011 Riesling was a perfect match for deep fried turkey!

Despite the rain this award wining wine was cheery and white.

2011 Riesling

750 mL

$12.95 each, $155.40 per case

Another great Erie Shore Riesling, refreshing dry wine with pleasant fruity bouquet and finish.

“Honeyed”, Apple, pear, peach and grapefruit flavours.

It is great with fish, turkey, pork, veal, vegetables and cheeses.

This wine is particularly well suited to the Essex county climate, growing season and soils.

Excellent Value at $12.95

Erie Shore Vineyard

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